Page reviewer is one helpful tool that enables you improve your website in terms of speed. It gives you various guidelines that helps to enhance your page speed, enabling you to know for certain what is giving your website slow speed, and how to eliminate these. It conducts a speed test to determine your website speed and their after gives you a speed report which will determine whether you need to speed up your page guidelines or rather give you an incite on what you need to do ti improve your website speed.
Page reviewer conducts an overall overview on your page, giving you guidelines and instructions on areas to improve on. It also complements some areas which are considered to be great and ranks highly in the whole review system. Upon conducting of the speed test, a speed report is generated and areas which needs to be worked on in order to enhance the website are highlighted and solutions generated. For instance it points out areas that need to be worked on, the effects these are bringing to your page or rather hoe negatively or positively they are affecting your website and the page reviewer offers a solution in order to make your website sufficient. Page reviewer gives you more incites on how to improve your website speed, make it even faster so you are able to speed up your page guidelines.
Making your website more efficient to users. The speed report enables you to know areas which need to be worked on in order to have excellent speed, and hence pass the speed test. For instance it indicates the areas which your website has passed, the areas which you need to improve on and the errors in your website. It also enables you to compare your website against others to enable you know how to get started on improving your website. It checks through your SEO, i.e Search Engine Optimization and identifies the errors as well as give recommendations on how to improve your SEO. Page reviewer gives you an overview of your website usability , for instance how much load time takes, it gives you an insight on the page speed, mobile compatibility and gives you an insight on how to maximize your usability and make the most out of it. It checks to see what technology is adopted on your website and recommends the best technology to apply to your page in order to maximize results.
It checks through your language encoding and gives detailed report on the same as well as recommendations. It also checks through your document type and tells you which document type your website contains. It enables you to know if your website is listed for safe browsing. It gives you feedback on your social media status, as well as the number of visitors and traffic to your website. Page reviewer is the perfect tool for analyzing your website and getting results and recommendations on your website performance, plus you get to compare your page performance against other established websites.

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